Create Property
Create Property will transform a variable declaration inside a class or struct into a property and hide it using a region.

  • Your cursor may be located at any position inside the line containing the variable declaration.

  • It works also with a text selection.

  • If your variable is public, then it will become private, in order to have a public property.

  • Works also with static declarations.

  • The property name is capitalized to respect .Net naming convention.

Goto menu "Tools \ Options" then select "MMM-Expers \ Misc" and you'll see the following options:

  • Member prefix lets you specify which string should prefix your member variable declarations ("m_" by default).

  • Getter prefix lets you specify which string should prefix your getter function ("Get" by default).

  • Setter prefix lets you specify which string should prefix your setter function ("Set" by default).

  • Generate "if" in the setter allows to disable this feature if you don't need it.

  • Return boolean value in the setter will declare the setter function as boolean instead of void and return true when the property value was effectively modified. This works only with the C++ language.

  • Wrap it into a region lets you specify if the member declaration and its associated property should be wrapped into a region for greater readability.

  • Indent its content lets you specify if the region content should be indented or not. Enabled only if previous option is checked.
  • The active document must be a source code document.

  • Works only with the C#, C++ or VB language.

Copyright (c) 2003. All rights reserved.