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The switch browser enables you to view a list of cases in the current switch statement of your current function and quickly jump to a given case.
The switch browser window is pictured below:




To search for a case, start typing in the Search edit box. As you type, the characters will appear at the top next to the word Search. To jump to a selected case, double click or highlight it (using arrow keys) and press enter.


Two search modes are provided. In the first search mode (match only from the start), searches are conducted only on the beginning of the case. In the second search mode (match anywhere), the search string can match at any point in the case. For example, if you had two cases, WM_LBUTTONDOWN and WM_LBUTTONUP, searching for "WM_LBUTTON" would return both cases in either mode, whereas searching for "DOWN" would return neither when searching from the start, while WM_LBUTTONDOWN would appear if searching for a match at any point.

  • If your cursor is already inside a case, then this expert will try to select it in its list, in order to remind you where you are presently.

  • The column "Nested" tells you if there is at least one nested switch statement inside a given case.

  • The status bar reminds you in which function you are.
This expert works only with an open source code editor and the C++/C# language.

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